8800GTS 512MB



I want to sell an 8800GTS 512MB on ebay and I am thinking what is a good price for this card. :??:


Oct 24, 2008
Considering newegg sold out of these @ 109.

You can get a 9800gtx+ for 120, take off 20-30% of 109 and you have yourself a used price.

Or toss it @ ebay with an auction and reserve.

You are comparing apples to oranges, there are reasons people want these, and the new prices of other/newer cards that may perform in a similar manner has nothing to do with it.
And, besides that, an 4830 or a 9800GT are not even in the same league with a 8800GTS G92. The 8800 will run circles around them.
The 8800 GTS 512 will outperform the 9800GTX with a little overclocking, and these are still $130.
The only people really looking for an 8800GTS 512 meg card are people who already own one.
If you have 1 of these, and want another for SLI, $125 is a worthwhile cost to put 2 of these to work.

The 8800 512 is a rare gem anymore. These were premium cards in their day, and a couple of them in SLI will still run anything out there, in full form at all but uber high resolution. They overclock like no other card on the planet.

I would start the thing out at $125. See what happens.


New or used?

Also, is it one of the older ones that can be hacked to make it operate like a workstation video card? If so it has even more value and you might peruse some forum discussions about doing this - either for info for yourself or to troll for buyers lamenting that they cannot do it anymore - especially those that would like to SLI a pair. Look for people asking for help about building high end video production systems.

I don't normally encourage trolling the forums this way - but if you do have one of the hackable ones you could be doing some visitor a real favor.


Mar 27, 2008

Im see your point but the same card on ebay cost a bit ess then 125$ (70-100$ would be a good price)

"an 4830 or a 9800GT are not even in the same league with a 8800GTS G92. The 8800 will run circles around them."

Benchmarks would be helpful.



Yes it is used and I do not have the box.

I do not know about that.

Apparently you have never owned any of these cards. I have.
Benchmarks.....for everyone that shows these cards close, there is one that will show them a world apart.
As I said, I have had all of these cards, in fact I still have the 8800GTS, and I still run it in my current PC.
I recently gave away my stash of old video cards which included a 850XT platinum edition, 2-1950pro's, a 1900XT, a 3870, a 4830, a 4850, a 9600GT and a 9800GT, amoung others, and kept the 8800GTS over all of them. Why? Because it simply was a better card. Even the 4850 could not keep up with it when you crank the core speed up, which is really, really easy to do with a 8800. 100mhz over stock and the card is still yawning saying....is that all you got? Come on buddy, turn it on up.....

I would rather pay $150 for an 8800GTS than $60 for a 4830. If you don't agree, that is your perogitive.


Mar 27, 2008

An oc 8800gts 512 can keep up with an 4850? Are you playing at low resolution?


8800gtx performs slightly less then a 4850 and 8800gts 512mb is much slower then an 8800gtx. I dont think it will come to 4850 speed unless heavily oc! but the 4850 can overclock just as well + handles aa much better.


Dec 3, 2008
lol someone loves their 8800 a little too much :lol:

i've had both the 8800gts 512 and the 4850.... both overclocked.... and 4850 is much better even at 1440*900

Sorry dude, I have been around a while, and I am no fool. The 4850 may be a little faster, but I still say the 8800gts was a better card.
It runs much cooler, and I have never seen a 4850 that would overclock very far. That was the last card I was running, the 4850 before I simply decided that the 8800 overall was better, and I prefer ATI cards personally.

But you guys know what? It really makes no stinking difference.
I am not buying or selling anything here, all I am saying is his 8800GTS is worth more to certain people than other people here tending to give credit for. And I would STILL rather have the 8800GTS I have right now, than any card we have talked about in this thread.
Love it, maybe. But personally I will tell you that I would prefer an ATI card over an nVidia card.
But this one card did change my mind about a lot of things. It is old and showing it's age, and probably will be replaced by something from ATI since I cannot run SLI on my board.

Well, these are my 3D Mark 06 scores with the newest nVidia drivers.
I just got around to running it this afternoon for the first time in months to put some numbers up in another thread.
Now I know the quad is helping push things up a little in 3D Mark.
But how many 4850's have you ever seen break 15,000? They usually come in around 11-13, from what I have seen.
The best I ever got out of my 4850 was barely over 13.
And a 4830, or an 8800GT? Are you kidding me, they can't come close to these numbers, not even close.....unless 8-10 is considered close.
Maybe some won't exactly think that is "running circles" around them, but it is a sound spanking.
I think that a lot of folks didn't quite realize just how strong of a card that old GTS-G92 was.
And it fricking runs a LOT cooler than the 4850 ever did.
SM2.0 6187
SM3.0 6545
CPU 4633
Total 15069


Anon - it is pretty silly to ask this kind of question on this forum when all you have to do is search for the card on eBay then click on completed listings and you can see what the last 312 8800GTS cards actually sold for.

Just scan a few listings to try to better understand how condition may have affected prices and how timing can introduce chance variation. After ten minutes make a decision and be done with it.

Regarding moding it for use like a workstation card, unfortunately I don't know any more about it - but you might google it if you want to try to find more information.