9.12 betas on the 5870

Questions have arisen since the release of the 5870.
Everyone (?) said it was supposed to compete with the 295 and whup it.
Others scoffed at the changes made from going from DX10 to DX11 were nothing, and it was just BW limited, and simply a doubled 4870.
Some said, no, it was never to beat the 295 (moi, as welll as others), but would fit somewheres in between the 295 and the 4870x2.
Well, if these driver improvements continue, I may have to eat my words, but not before alllll those supposed disappointed people claiming everyone else said it was to compete with the 295
Cant wait, by the time Fermi is out, therell only be 1 top card, and also, pay attention to the minimum fps

PS Cant believe to where Im linking


"Between Catalyst 9.10 WHQL and Catalyst 8.663.1, which is the beta driver of Catalyst 9.12, we saw an average framerate increase of 10.9 FPS, which was an increase of about 21%."

That is pretty impressive yes.
Well, in the past the release drivers seem a little slower than the early betas (maybe due to improving stability), however, I agree completely that this is an impressive achievement. It would be very wise of them to get some solid fast drivers out before the holidays, since if a few Fermis are handed out to reviewers in a hope to ruin ATI's holiday, they would want the 5870 looking as good as possible (and because they seem to take a break for new year's/etc.) I was somewhat skeptical of seeing huge increases from drivers, since in some aspects the card is very similar to the previous gen, but this clearly shows there is plenty of room for improvement.
ATI has said itself this is the biggest change since going from the 1900 to the 2000.
This is a whole different shader,MC setup, waaay different.
The perf differences on the 2900 were incredible from first to last regarding drivers, as someone pointed it out to me, I think it was jimmy in the cpu section , as he has a 2900 pro, so hopefully this will follow suit
Well, at intro, there were several contradictions in perf.
Sometimes, it acted as wed expect, other times, not close.
Having the new shader layout, new design, memory/BW, no one knew where to lay the blame.
Im thinking itll be several driver releases before we truly see the overall abilities, as a few things get ironed out in drivers.
What we do know is, theres more goodness to come, and an overall perf driver or drivers are yet to come, starting with this one