Question 90 Degrees Celsius on i5-9600k

May 15, 2019
Hello, iv'e got a small problem with my temps on cpu.
I have SilentiumPC Grandis 2 XE1436 for cooling. I applied thermalgrizzly thermal paste. I have case with very good airflow.
And the point is i dunno why i have 90 degrees playing games. It's so disappointing for me.
I doubt the "big dot" application is an issue, but for future information...
this is how TIM should be applied to Intel processors. It places the TIM directly over the chip's position under the heat shield.

I suspect your high temp issue is due to a problem you may have with the cooler mounting.
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Agreed with above, just wanted to clarify as some people do have some bizzare thermal paste methods. But as long as its not ridiculous, it will tend to have little impact.

Sooner sounds like a cooler mounting issue. Your ambient temps are having a play in it, but shouldn't be causing the spikes you're having.