Question 90+ FPS feels like 60 ?

Jan 29, 2021
Hi, so a little over a couple of weeks ago i have bought a PC. On most of the games everything is fine, games are feeling smooth as butter, but for some, for instance Modern Warfare or Metro Exodus, even though I am running above 60 fps, the games do not feel smooth. I don't know how to explain, i don't think it's input lag or anything like that, it's just that it doesn't feel i'm playing at over 60 fps. My monitor is 144hz, I already have it set at that rate in NVCP. I have searched the internet upside down for solutions but I am really close on giving up. The thing that drives me more insane is that as soon as I turn on motion blur, the games feel smooth, but it gives me a headache, especially in competitive FPS. So what could be the issue?

Of course vsync is turned off, I even tried turning it on but that didn't fix it. I tweaked the hell out of the game's graphics settings, but that should not be the case since I get well over 80 fps with high settings. It just doesn't feel the way it's supposed to.