Question This IP is constantly trying to connect to my computer. WTF is it?

Jun 3, 2019
Best I can get on an IP lookup it is from some random static address in the UK.

I get some pretty weird traffic sometimes. I have been running firewall and "antiddos" software but frankly I still think something is screwing up my network.

As far as I can tell, all connected machines are clean.
Your PC should not see any traffic coming in from the internet unless you have hooked you pc directly to a modem. Almost everyone has a router to provide wifi signals and share the public ip address. Unless you have port forwarding setup no external ip can reach you internal machines. Because a router uses NAT and it is a stupid protocol it will protect your internal machines. Since the NAT does not know where to send data unless you tell it by port forwarding rules all unrequested data from the internet is just discarded by the router. There is nothing you can do about this data and it is already being discarded so you can just ignore it.