Feb 23, 2005
I know this may be kind of redundant because I asked it in my last post, but I feel it warrants more of a look. When building a new system now, which socket would you guys recommend. Getting a 754 3400+ would be about the same price as a 939 3200+(when the mobo's are included). I've hear that the 3400 is indeed faster, but at the same time, the 939 has dual channel memory, has been praised for it's ability to overclock, and the PCI-expressx16 sockets for graphics cards. In my opinion, this gives these board greater upgradability. I guess the question is, is it worth getting a 939 board for these reasons, or is it better to get the 754 with the better processor for now, and then when you have to upgrade(graphics or prcoessor) you need to buy a new board as well.(Or you could go 939 and forget the PCI-Expressx16 for now.)

What's everyone's opinion on this?

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How often do you change the chip, without changing the mobo? How often do you change the graphics card without changing the mobo? How often do you change rigs?
The s754 chip is as fast as a s939 3800, sometimes.
The s754 chips OC faily well also.
The Ati 850 graphics card will be ported to agp, as will other future graphics.
I would consider going to s939, because I do change the chip out as often as once a year. My next board will probably be nforce3 ultra. The board after that will be nforce4. Bothe will be built this year, to upgrade 2 systems at home, or to replace sold systems.


Although AMD claims they're gonna release dual core cpus on socket 939 <A HREF=",,51_104_543~94936,00.html" target="_new"> here </A> :smile:

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Aug 5, 2004
Ask yourself do you plan on using this system for a long or short period of time. If its short term then go with the 754 otherwise the 939 is the way to go. If it's true that Amd will put the Dual cores on that chipset your going to be future proofed for a while(Will more than likely need a bios update down the line). Plus the 939 has PCI express so your better off going that route in the long run. Only drawback of the 939 is its a little more expensive , but down the road it will be much cheaper to upgrade just a processor rather than a motherboard & processor.