Question 9400f vd 3600x

3600x doesnt make sense. u pay extra 50 bucks for 50Mhz and alot more heat for just 2-3 fps
Triple A titles already fully load the 9400f. Single core performance isn't the only factor that drives FPS. Newer more demanding games need Ryzen's superior multicore performance and purely because of this, the 3600x is by far the better buy. The Ryzen 3600x will have superior gaming longevity before a plaform/CPU upgrade is necessary.
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Unless Intel drops prices on mainstream CPUs like it recently did on HEDT, Intel is very poor performance or FPS per dollar compared to AMD at the moment. Probably won't change until Comet Lake launches next year and brings performance at every price point up by one tier.

If I absolutely had to put a new PC together for myself immediately, I'd be getting a Ryzen 3600. At the moment though, I'm not planning to upgrade until Ryzen 4k and B650 boards are out.
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