9400gt sucking and pls help


Jan 28, 2009
hello guys
I have an nvidia 9400gt 1gb with 2gb ddr2 sysyem ram and c2d 2.66ghz .
it was working well for previous month but now it is creating problems when playing games like
assasins creed or even far cry1. the objects in game like bushes appear after i reach there and
creed is stucking like mad. The frames are all wrong and i think my chipset was better
Is there any chance of playing far cry2, cod4,warcraft or other heavy 3d games
i have just bought this rubbish card
Well to start it is rubbish to begin with. You might have guessed when you payed 30 or 40 US for it jump to the 100 range and you will be able to play games 9400GT was made for htpc home theater and such never games EVER. 9800GT/GTS250 or 4850/4770 Bare min if you want to play games..