9500pro Question


Jan 22, 2004
You know how on the 9500pro's you have to plug them into the PSU as well as the agp slot. Well, you know how it comes with that little connector/splitter/extender cord thingy. You plugged it into a molex connector and got another molex + the smaller one that you plugged into the video card. Did that thing do anything besides just give you more plugs? Because my card just fried last week, and I had the thing plugged into a main power lead instead of through that and I think that's what did it. It was running for a week like that, then i moved it into my case and used a differnt lead but the same plug type and it wouldnt boot up, then it flamed and i switched back to the splitter and it worked for a day then it died, so I RMA'd it.

Anyone have experience or can tell me what happened? Does that cord actually change something? It looks exactly like the regular power lead ones. =( Thanks for the info

-The Zent
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Oct 20, 2003
cord = 1 end to 2 ends

1 end into current psu molex connector.
1 end to agp
other end must go to HDD.

changeing that last one is what the user manual says and its what got my 9800pro working.

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I have a IS7, 2.6C, and 9800 Pro. But I am not OC'in at all. I am curious as to your scores in 3dmark03, 2001se, and Aquamark. Do you have a compare link for your scores with that huge OC you are running?

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