9600 Pro Brand?


Sep 16, 2001
I've been reading many of the posts here in toms and made my decision to go with a 9600 pro. I just ordered my Apollo Devil Monster 3 9600 Pro!:) Is this brand good? Anyone else heard of this brand? the specs say that it runs stock 400/600 but im afraid it might be underclocked in some ways like some of the sapphire versions. if anyone has any experience with this card please fill me in on any info. thank you.

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never heard of it. When you get the card if you are worried about the clocks, then download Rage3Dtweak and check them out (you can overclock them there too). You can also check them using 3Dmk03 it will record your settings (I'm not sure if 3Dmk01 does that though [I'm at work and can't check] but I know '03 even publishes your clock speeds).

Good luck. I've Never heard of Apollo before and I've read ALOT of R9600(pro) reviews. Let us know how it turns out.

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May 26, 2003
I know that the 9600 pro can be oced like a mother but those OEMs can be a stiff. The only OEM I have probs with is saphire.

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