9600 pro overclocking ?


Dec 31, 2007
Hi guys, i just bought a powercolor 9600 pro with SAMSUNG memory for about 150US.

I was wondering what king of overclocking i can expect from this card WITHOUT special cooling.

Well except my 5 cases fan and 2 power suply fan.

Can I reach XT speed ?
Unfortunately everything under the sun.

The core you find results anywahere from just abouve stock (like 420-ish) all the way to the Highest I've seen so far without moding which was just over 600mhz (608 IIRC). Unfortunately could be anywhere in between. Personally I say expect the mid to high 400s for a Powercolor coard, but don' t be surprised if it's lower.

The main question on the memory is what is the part number on the Samsung memory. That will help us figure out the spec.

If it turns out to be the good 2.86ns memory then up to about 380 is possible (me my top is 365mhz)

If its 3.0ns then expect upto about 340-ish.

IF it's the worst case scenario 3.3ns, then don't expect much above 320mhz.

Of course these are rough 'guess-timates' and you could get a really great set of numbers or the opposite.

I would recommend Rage3Dtweak or Rivatuner. Radclocker is also an option but a little more finicky to use, however it is just an overclocking tool, not affecting your other settings much.

Good luck, Don't Fry your Card!

<b>EDIT</b>, Oops, Forgot;

Can I reach XT speed ?
Yep, if it's a GOOD card. Mine reaches 535/365 stable, which is 35mhz above the XT's stock core speed, and 65mhz above the stock XT memory (and likely higher than the initial reference XT would ever be able to reach w/ their 3.3ns memory modules). Of course the core on the new XTs with the LOW-K process have been reaching low to mid 600mhz speeds.

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