9600 pro related


Jan 10, 2001
I have a his excalibur 9600 pro and i have some questions about it.
First of all I've read that it has 400mhz fsb and 600mhz memory speed but in the clock rate settings tab it's 300mhz(memory) is this normal? Maybe it's because of the double data rate (ddr)
And my system is:
p4 2.53 Gigabyte sinx 1394 board
2*256 mb twinmos ddr 400 ram (dual channel pc3200)
radeon 9600 pro
Windows xp
Quantum fireball 30 gb hd
In 3d mark 2003 my score is 2853
the settings are default in my graphics settings page and the resoulution is 1024*768 32 bit
Is this score good regarding my system.
Thanks in advance