Question 9600k OC temperature spikes

Aug 26, 2021
Got 9600k clocked to 4.8, LLC6, voltage 1.320, AVX Off, c states disabled, bus cache 4.5.
So while gaming my average temps are 60-65c, but i do get these sudden spikes to 80c. Can also happen when on desktop, 45 idle or doing nothing but opening a software can cause a spike to 65c and goes back after milisecond.
Same with gaming, those high temps insantly go back from 80+c to 60 but still are annoying to deal or see. Anything i can do to improve? Should i try updating bios?
Using z390-h 2606 bios verison, there is like 4/5 new updates but i've heard its better to not update since can potentially ruin OCs and such, any suggestions?
If the core voltage is high enough to sustain top clock speeds, then the load drops, the voltage might overshoot for a brief instant before dropping commensurate with the new load and/or clock speed, leading to a brief spike...

As even the spikes are still about 20C below throttle speeds, they seem a bit inconsequential.


Not to worry.
The processor monitors it's own temperature and will throttle or even shut down to protect itself.
That point is around 100c.
You are doing just fine.

I would not update the bios since you have no problems.
Update only if you see an update that fixes an issue that is impacting you.
A failed bios update can be nasty to recover from.