Question 9600k overclock TO 5.0HZ


Apr 13, 2018
Look at page 68 of the board manual, select enabled !

Enhanced Turbo
[Auto]* Enables or disables Enhanced Turbo function for all CPU cores to boost CPU performance. This item appears when the installed CPU supports this function.
[Auto] This setting will be configured automatically by BIOS.
[Enabled] All CPU cores would be increased to maximum turbo ratio. [Disabled] Disables this function.


Sep 27, 2014
I would suggest these settings

sync all cores
Core ratio 50
Voltage 1.35V max to 1.37V
Calibration Load Line (CLL) Mode 2 and if you have a blue screen set it to Mode 1
Put your short duration voltage and long duration voltage to 4096 - just type 5555 and it will maximise it automatically
Also I will suggest not using X.M.P profile, check your timings of you RAM and set it manually, also put the DRAM voltage not more than 1.35, Agent should not exceed 1.25 and viccio 1.25. These settings are only if you have memory up to 3200Mhz or even 3466Mhz
This might be enough if you still cannot handle 5ghz it means your chip is not that good to go up to this frequency, even if you are able to hit it on 1.4 many people will say it is not a problem to use this kind of voltage and I would say it is up to you but I would try 1.35 on 4.9ghz rather than 1.4 or more for 5ghz. Play with it, there are great guides for beginners, have a look, read, test as every CPU chip is different, like mine 9600k hits 5.1ghz with 1.38V but others cannot go further than 4.9 on 1.35, so as i said test your chip ;). If you have more questions let me know!