965P-DS3 newbie..i feel stupid questions


Jan 27, 2004
man, this is my first build and im scared and having fun at same time. putting DS3 in an antec 900 case. 3 leads come down from the power swith area labeled HDD Led...Reset SW...and Pwr SW. ok, newbie i am, but im assuming these are the harddrive light power, the reset switch line, and the main power line. in my DS3 manel, i see the power switch spot, but its 3 prong, the line from front of case is two prong. which 2 do i hook to??? and i dont see any reset or hdd labels on DS3 layout page please help! have a spot on mobo labeled CI? is this one? gawwwddd. im soo lost. plz advise


Mar 10, 2007
I have a 965P-DS3 rev 3.3 I just built up. My manual for it is labeled rev 2.0.

The Silk Screen on the motherboard itself is misleading--best look in the manual.

For this topic, in my copy, you want to look at page 23, section 1 subsection 11 labeled F_PANEL. You will see there that the power switch, reset switch, and "IDE Hard Disk Active LED" are each two adjacent pins.

If you are looking at three pins vertically in a row, most likely you are looking at the Power LED location.

Using the (odd to me) convention of this manual that the front panel set of 20 pins is labeled odd numbers from pin 1 at the I/O panel end of the row nearest the edge of the board, to pin 19 at the other end, and the next row up is even numbers from 2 through 20, then we have:

Pin: Function
1: Hard drive LED +
3: Hard Drive LED -
5: Reset Switch +
7: Reset Switch -
6: Power Switch +
8: Power Switch -

Good luck (plus and minus matter on the LED, but not on the switches)
Despite the "IDE" label the hard drive lights when my SATA drive is active.


Dec 26, 2006
Are you sure the problem is with PWR SW and not PWR LED ? cause I had similar problem few days ago with the former...

MoBo: ASROCK ConRoe865PE Intel 865PE
tower - some chieftec, don't know the exact name

number of Power LED pins on the board didn't match the number of plugs from power (one was 3, second was 2)
Power LED is not plugged :)


Oct 9, 2006
I had the same problem with my case and mobo, the power switch connector had 3 pins whereas the board had two.

I just sliced down the middle of the plastic connector with a knife and shaved the edges so that they were two snugly fitting independant pins instead. Your not going to caue damage as the middle part is not used, only difference is now you can connect them either way.

If you do this, you might want to think about making a small sticker to label them back up as you'll lose the writing by cutting them in half.