9700 AIWpro heat issues?


Oct 10, 2003
Hey all...

My ATI 9700 AIWpro card seems to be running really hot. When I touch the chip, I can only hold my finger on it for 3-5 seconds before it is too much. Everwhere I've read says that no component on your PC should be too hot to touch, so this has got me wondering. I've checked to make sure the fan is spinning on the vid card, and I have spaced all my other PCI cards away from the AGP slot to ensure good airflow. Any ideas why this could be? I am running:
gigabyte 7n400-pro2
350W PS with rear/bottom fans, 2 rear case fans, 1 front case fan, top-mounted case fan, and side-mounted case fan(blowing on the CPU)

Thanks in advance for any advice!


Former Staff
This might be normal for that card, these are very hot chips with mediocre cooling.

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