Question 9700k + 2080 Super Low Benchmarks everywhere


Mar 8, 2019
before i start ive completely bashed my head off the wall im not sure how many times.. im literally at my wits end and about to give the neighbors my PC costing them nothing but a new front window...sooo here we go

first off specs...
i7-9700k @ 5.0 Ghz, EVGA 2080 Super XC Ultra OC'd, 32 GB Corsair vengeance pro RGB @ 3 Ghz, Aorus Z390 mobo, 2 x 1TB 970 Evo NVME, 1 x 2TB 860 Evo 2.5" SSD, 4TB toshiba X300 HDD, Corsair h115i platinum AIO, 5 Noctua Redux 1500rpm 140mm fans, 2 Noctua 12V 3k RPM exhaust fans.

idk what else thats enough

im having trouble uploading a picture of the userbenchmark scores, real bench scores, etc so ill just copy and paste the text of userbenchmark, 9700k bench's fine here its the GPU im having issues with everywhere

userbenchmark score GPU -

Nvidia RTX 2080S (Super)-$770
130,805 User benchmarks, average bench 132%
EVGA(3842 3183)
CLim: 2205 MHz, MLim: 4125 MHz, Ram: 8GB, Driver: 456.55

Performing below potential (54th percentile) - GPU OC Guide
134%OutstandingLighting 562
Reflection 439
Parallax 603

148% 535 fps
MRender 430
Gravity 462
Splatting 253

134% 381 fps

real bench says im getting less score than a 2060 super and 8700k at stock speeds.. im at 5.1 with a 9700k and a OC'd 2080 Super..

any help would be appreciated as i cannot get this figured out.. so i know i posted in the GPU threads but having dual problems ill ask them both and if i get in trouble or his thread moved... im sorry! im new to the forum scene as you can tell

now the cpu problems...

im getting 100% usage while gaming... division 2, GOW, Madden 19/20, and countless others... literally 90-100% non stop... xbox/game bar off, nvidia overlay off, capped fps... stable OC... idk what to do next

seen countless threads of the 9700k getting max usuage.. and checking task manager the game is literally 90% of the issue, minimum. nothing in the background is running thats eating up usage whatsoever. fresh windows install, fresh drivers... im lost!

i know this is vague but believe me when i say ive been at this for weeks.. and dont know what else to try.. anyone else have a 9700k/2080S that can maybe post some Userbenchmark scores, FPS in games, or benchmarks in general so i can compare outside of what the application is telling me other people scored..

or anything im doing wrong please correct me as im kind of a PC newb.. past general OC'ing and some bios tweaking im relatively dumb.. but im trying

thanks in advance guys.. its worth a shot to ask for some help since this forum has saved me countless times troubleshooting in the past!
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Mar 8, 2019

i think i found the culprit.. but still lost on how to remedy it

the CPU itself was downclocking under stress tests (aida64 etc)

ALLLLL of my thermals were fine including the VRM's, so i have zero idea why it decided to downclock itself from 5.1 ghz to 4.2ghz on its own (all cstates and necessary stuff disabled/enabled)

so i played with the power limit 1 wattage/time settings and set them all to max and reran test, it held fine at 5.1 ghz and the highest temps i had were 60c-ish while aida64 was running for about an hour. IVE NEVER had to play with the power limit or package power limit 1-2-3 EVER before so why would that be a culprit now?? anything im forgetting to disable outside of cstates, ring to core, voltage opt, etc etc?? it all seems fine now but what happens when i go outside of the recommended time frame of 124 seconds? will it down clock again? or will it move on to power limit time 2 and go for another 124 seconds? considering i cannot make it unlimited. HwInfo shows my vrm's are very solid while testing.. just curious as to why this played a factor now and never has it in the previous overclock settings that i had for a year at least. thanks guys and sorry for answering my own question but i figured id keep diagnosing and save time


the GPU problem is not fixed and still diagnosing.. thanks in advance yet again!!