9700pro issue I've had for a long time


Mar 5, 2004
I've had a 9700pro for around 18 months. I don't know how I've put up with it for so long - it locks up my system frequently, most often in <a href="http://000info.com?go=games" onmouseover="window.status = 'goto: games';return 1" onmouseout="window.status=''">games</a>, inevitably and almost immediately if I use high detail settings.

I was frustrated and on the verge of giving up and buying a new Nvidia card until I noticed when looking at the big benchmarks article, to my surprise, that it is still one of the best cards around and I'd have to spend a lot of money to get anything with equivalent performance! (I haven't been keeping up with video card progress).

I have an Asus P4G8X motherboard and a 400W PSU. I have all the latest drivers/BIOS etc and I have tried numerous tweaks to try and solve this problem over the last year and a half, but to no avail. Things I have tried include:

- every AGP mode (2x/4x/8x)
- tweaking AGP frequency
- many other BIOS settings
- different OSs
- disabling fast write
- evil looks

Can anyone help me?


Nov 4, 2002
You can RMA the card back to ATI for a new card. See if this makes any difference. You have 4-5 years to RMA. If the card is not the problem and that you have eliminated windows, drivers, bios, and software conflicts, then I focus on the motherboard.

Do you have another computer that you can try your card and game on? This would give you more info.

yours, Peter


Former Staff
P4G8X had problems with 9700 Pro, ATI made a few minor adjustments around 18 months ago to correct the problems.

Try changing it from UC to USWC in 4x mode with fastwrites off using Catalyst 3.7. If that doesn't work contact ATI for replacement.

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Feb 25, 2004
That's not the end of it. In some asus boards actually say that you have to have a certain make(or revision) of the card for it to work properly. I woud suggest checking your mother board manual and then checking to see if the board is one of those revisions that is not recommended. Then if that is the case, maybe you could RMA the board for a newer version, or sell/swap it on Ebay.

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