975BE @ 4.55GHz Needs Pro tweaks please

Well I got to playing around again and went for a multi and fsb clock,
Nb volts up to 1.2v
Cpu V 1.5v although HWM reports I'm edging 1.53v, twitchytime :p
rams running around 1500MHz at 1.5v
first effort got me to 4510MHz, then I pushed and managed to validate 4550MHz,


I know I'm throwing matches at a petrol-soaked haybale here but anyone got any solid numbers for a higher clock, or some solid Nb/HT advice? I'm sticking around 2400 as much as I can but maybe I need to up that and its voltage now?
4.6GHz would be a nice result from this chip but I'm pretty much eking it out cycle by cycle here :)
**Edit, 4.6 Validated as well now, 1.56v according to coretemp/bios


System is usable at 4.55GHz, sluggish but working, and I'm sure that a tweak here or there that I've not considered (Aka don't know about) may pull it back speedwise
P.s. Deneb love hehehe
At work and thinking now, I'll try upping the HT/Nb tomorrow with more V's, and drop the timing on the ram to the 10's, that might swing me some stability...
No luck googling anything, I seem to get this thread in the top five results along with Piledriver/Vish threads on Ln2 so I'll run through the faithful sticky and see what I can glean from Ryan's mind Re:Ht/Nb,
I know this is do-able ,its just finding the way :)
Lol, isn't that just what my tagline says though?
Idle temps don't mean anything load temps is where you see if it's stable or not

Make sure your flag waving is not an illusion, run CPU-Z under stress and benchmark testing and monitor your multiplier and clock speed with standard water cooling you'll see it throttle down, you should see it throttle around 50c maybe?

You can get amazing solid clocks from AMD if you can keep it cool enough, if not your clocks are an illusion, so what load temps are you encountering?

The throttling I'm referencing is built into the AMD cpu, you cannot shut it off it's going to happen it's a protective feature of AMD built into the cpu, and it happens in reference to the cpus load temperature reaching a certain range

The same thing happens with Intel cpus, for the Sandy Bridge around 45c is when it happens, there's a lot of people out there waving their Intel overclock flags clueless to the load temperature throttling fact.

That was the very reason I am pursuing a below ambient cooling solution. :)

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Ram 11,11,11,30 1T
Nb/Ht, erm lemme check that.... 2665@1.225v
Cpuv 1.55, showing as almost 1.58v

Had slightly more luck on a multi only attempt, got as far as 2 minutes of MWB before crashing,
Nb/HT 2400@ 1.2v
1066@1.5v timings on 10,10,10,30 1T and 11,11,11,30 1T

It was actually the bow that first pulled my interest in Crysis hehe, I saw the C3 hunter trailer and thought I would actually get over my dislike of fps and multiplayer to play that,
I like my classic weaponry though and feel compound bows are a bit of a cheat anyway,
Previously my load temps are around 39'c on stock with Ibt, any test prior to that were only on the Rx, before the radbox was built,
I'll get to the point of it not crashing before I will go for stresstesting though, no point yet if it crashes on an antivirus scans load,
Thats why I asked in here for some tips lol,
I know others have far more knowledge than me on this subject :)
In my AMD Black Edition experimentation's when you raise the multiplier the chances of being able to additionally raise the FSB are in most cases zero to arrive at stability, that doesn't mean that you cannot reach a high clock that will remain stable long enough to get a CPU-Z clock validation, but that's actually useless other than for inconsequential bragging because it's not stable, it's useless.

The Black Edition Guide was designed to get a 100% stable overclock that you could depend on for daily use, now if you're after a high stable overclock you're using the wrong platform, when you consider upgrading grab an Intel Sandy Bridge K-series, as you can overclock one of those to 4.5ghz rock solid stable on air cooling, and much higher with your water cooling.

However even the SBKs will throttle the same as the AMD BEs to protect itself if it gets hot under load, I mentioned that earlier.

So what is your goal here?

Are you just after a clock to say I got there, knowing full well you're holding your breath hoping it won't crash until you can get a CPU-Z validation?

You cannot use that overclock!

It's 24/7 useless!

So what are you trying to accomplish?

If it's just to brag, Congratulations!

Now find a stable clock with your AMD that you can actually use! ;)


Edit: Oh I see, You're in the AMD overclocking club! :)

If you can reach 4.6ghz you should be able to reach rock solid stability around 4.4ghz possibly 4.5ghz with your cooling.
Part of it is 'How high can I push this' aka bragging I suppose
but I have the mentality of 'I can post/validate at this, now how do I get this stable',
I was previously happy to validate at 4.5GHz so 4.6 is a nice boost over that just for I did it purposes, now I have to finetune and find out how I can stabilise it for 24/7
I'll not go intel though and when I do go Vishera you know it will be pushed :)

Simple answer, you have to keep it cool enough!

You can always go to phase change cooling and get rock solid 24/7 stable remarkable results past where you are now, but even with your level of water cooling being much better than air cooling, you still have ambient limitations.

Once you get your ChillBox perfected you'll get higher stable overclocks from your AMD, because then you'll be capable of below ambient cooling.

If you can cool it you can clock it!

You have to get past AMDs built in protection, so that you are cool enough not to activate it.

This built in protection, protects AMD or else there's no possible way they could warrant a CPU for 3 years!

All CPUs have built in protection whether it's AMD or Intel, the trick is to operate below that protection temperature level.
Looks like that pump for the chiller is needed more than I thought hehe,
I am aware ofc that I'm getting dangerously into this clocking malarkey hehe
White labcoat on order, check
Hair suitably einstien, check
Manic laughter as I boot into windows? you better believe it haha
'Iiiiitttttsss alllliiiiiiiiiivvvve!!!!!'
Scotty said 'Ye cannae break the laws of physics Jim',
He was right, you can't, but you can persuade them its better allround if they cooperate :p
Well if it is erm, expendable!

Set your memory at rock solid lower settings and then Crank the CPU voltage high enough to reach stability for the multiplier you're running, you're already way past your spec'd CPU voltage anyway, go for it!

A sacrificial CPU, is the simplest overclocking you'll ever do.

Just keep it cool enough or you'll either seriously cripple it or blow it!

Your benchmark performance will drastically fall off at the higher multiplier levels because the CPU will protect itself and throttle back, to avoid that you have to keep it cooler than the throttling threshold.

Unfortunately you do not have the cooling to do that!

Good Luck!
Temps temps temps grrrrrrrrrrraaarrrrrgh!!
/Manly Warrior roar....:p
I'm solid on 4.6GHz, it boots, it runs snappily, no bsods, no fail no problem...
surfing, virus scans, even played WoW for a bit (They are my usual measure of stability, if I can run MSE and MWB Whilst gaming, I'm happy)
until the temp hits 51'c on Ibt.
then it goes squelch, no bsod just a black tearing effect on the screen then the 'no signal' message while it reboots
I need, MEDICALLY, need to get my chiller on form, I'm confident that once I can keep 100% load temps around 45'c, I'm set.
then I can move onto getting a stupid result from an 8350 :p
Ryan, your thread is helping me massively mate, mentally I've rebuilt this about nine times now and each time it evolves and expands to accomodate the (Imagined/) required cooling
I was never into computers lol, Even when I built the first I wasn't interested in overclocking, whats happening to meee :)
Oh yeah, I'm pushing it, just like I always do lol
Why is enough never enough?
Happy in my insanity

So IBT gets to 51c, so if it quits at 51c you don't actually know where the temps would end up?

Moto, That's very impressive to even reach 4.6ghz with that CPU, keep on and the overclocking bug is going to latch onto you like a blood sucking tick!

Don't you know overclocking is addictive! :lol:

If you're where your are NOW, and you could drop to about 10c below ambient with you actual water temperature, you should be load temping in the below 45c range and stabilize that 4.6ghz clock!

Impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Yup, I kinda figured the addictive part, luckily this is the least harmful addiction I've suffered/enjoyed to date :p
I have booted into windows at 4.7 but its not there yet, lasted about 10 seconds :) maybe once the coolers up and I know its limits I can try for that stable lol,
Due to bike issue I'm having to delay the crosshair and 8350, but the coolers definitely going ahead :)
I need some serious molex extensions too, all pumps will be hooked up to the second psu (and that may get squished into the radbox yet :p)
I appreciate your compliments man, I know I'm relatively new to clocking so to accomplish what I have so far is really inspiring, and your positive comments are very welcome
I'm waiting on Saint19 to contact me about sorting the Amd O/c insane table out, but I am really, really just waiting for the day when I can apply to get it put on the stable list
Just deciding which Psu to use as the secondary, posted a thread so hopefully I'll get some responses there and I can start figuring where its going :p
Build log for that or just add the work to the existing chillers log?
If you're considering a power supply that possibly in the future may be powering 1 or 2 peltiers, it's very important to get a single 12v rail model with more amperage available than you calculate to need.

Meaning if your peltier draws a 26amp load as mine does you need a power supply capable of twice that, also depending on what else it may power?

FYI; I'm running 2 26amp peltiers on an 80amp single 12v rail power supply, so I have plenty of reserve power with my power supply and it never kicks into high rpm fan cooling load.

A power supply for peltier powering does not fall under the traditional power supply argument of just get enough to get by, it's very important!


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