Question 980 pro and 990 pro, does it matter which drive does what?


Dec 11, 2007
I currently have a 2TB 980 Pro Nvme. I've been meaning to pick up a 2nd drive to act as storage for all my games and other media. Happen to snag a 2TB 990 pro for $140 this morning (thanks slick deals) from Samsung. I'm trying to think about how I should approach this 2 drive setup with 990 pro being the faster of the 2.

I'll go through the process of cloning or fresh os install of the drive if it's worth it, but Is it worth going through the cloning or fresh os install to the 990 pro and run my games/other storage stuff through the 980 pro? Or would it be just as fine just dedicating the faster drive as the 2ndary storage to run games and other applications? I also do some work on my PC, but mostly game with my personal desktop... Most work is done on company laptop.
Add the NVMe SSD as a secondary drive and call it a day. There's no practical benefit in terms of perceptible load times after SATA SSDs. Any performance benefits you do see will be limited to benchmarks or if you just happen to shovel huge files back and forth all the time within the computer.


Mar 5, 2006
No. You'd see zero difference in either configuration.
I was going to add the same SSD. Are you saying I wouldn't see much difference between the 980 and 990 if used a as a gaming drive? Should I just go for the cheaper 980? got a good deal on that. Slickdeals shows the discount but when I follow the link to Samsung it's gone. 179 again.


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