Question 980 SLI

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Jul 27, 2013
So I'm thinking of getting a brand new rig for myself and in doing so I wont need any of my current hardware (maybe my SSD). My wife's setup also has a 980 in it and I was thinking of giving her my old one and running them in SLI.

I've only ever ran a pair of 670's in SLI before but to be honest I never had any problems other than some extra heat. I know SLI has generally fell out of fashion as of late but how badly are current gen games optimised for SLI?

What I don't want to see is a host of issues for marginal games.

Current power supply for the SLI setup is CORSAIR 850W ENTHUSIAST SERIES™ TX850 V2-80 PLUS® BRONZE.
Most new games have no or little support for sli. Some titles wont work properly unless you disable sli in the nvidia control panel.
There are a few titles that do scale to sli, but sli support is steadily declining.

Since 980s are still decently capable and have some used value, I think you would be better off keeping your wifes gtx 980 and selling the other gtx 980 on ebay for more money to the new build.
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