Question 980 stopped displaying to both monitors mid-game --- GPU fried?

Apr 21, 2021

Geforce 980 bought brand new has been running perfectly since I built the PC about 5 years ago.

Was playing Call of Duty when mid match both monitors completely went black but PC was still running. Tried resetting the PC still no display with one monitor plugged in HDMI and the other in DisplayPort.

Plugged my HDMI monitor into the integrated graphics on the motherboard and started it back up. Worked perfect no issues displaying through that.

Where do I begin to test if the GPU is just completely fried without disabling the integrated graphics. I'm scared I will lose all display capabilities if I do this as I still need access to the PC for work purposes.

Do not have access to a secondary GPU to test due to shortages. Both monitors are plugged in and working correctly.

I assume it's fried due to age but want to exhaust all options before I dive into the graphics card shortage mess and try to purchase a new one.

Please help....


You have 2 different monitors on 2 different ports and both quit under the same condition. That's a failure somewhere, either the card is bunk or the power to the card is bunk.

It's not going to be a driver issue mid-game, it's going to be a hardware issue. The only thing you can verify is that there's nothing wrong with the psu outputs and the card is getting power from both the supplemental feed, and the pcie slot and the only way that can happen is with testing a different card since you don't have the load testing equipment to test the components individually.

Something has to be tested with different components. Either different psu, different gpu, different motherboard. There's simply no getting around it.

As Philip said, best to try the gpu in a different system if possible.