9800 GT or Agia Card for PhysX


Sep 23, 2009
Hey People, I have a problem, I need help figuring what is best. I have "2" 9800 GT's running in SLi, I also have a Agia Physics card that came with the system. Ok Since Nvidia do not update Agia drivers should I pull my Agia card out and buy me cheap graphic card to put there? or put one of my 9800 GT there and buy me a 260 or higher graphic card to pair up with the other 9800 GT. are should I just leave it alone. Thanks


Dec 6, 2008
your 9800 gt sli is probably on par with a single 260. You would have to go higher to get significant gains. In my opinion Pyhsics in games hasn't materialized yet so I'm not sure you will see a huge benefit from making the change you describe. The only reason I could justify saying look at a higher than 260 NVidia card is if you game at ultra resolutions. Maybe look at the 300 series if they ever get off the ground since it seems you want to stick with NVidia.