9800 Pro and a SFF case ?


Jan 26, 2004
I'm making a new machine soon and going to be using a Biostar ideq 200T. I'm eventually going to get a much better card. For now I'm looking at possibly a Sapphire 9800 Pro (probably buy in March/April).

I've read this is a hot card, and I don't plan on overclocking anything in the computer, but should cooling be fine with this card in the SFF case ? Everything I've read on the 200t says the design is great and made to keep very cool, so I'm hoping everything will be fine.
Heat will not be your problem, power consumption will be. That SFF case will likely come with a 200w cheasy cheap power suply, and it will likely cause you tons of problems. Because reviewers can get systems to post with all that junk in an SFF doesn't mean it will work under normal (or worsee gaming) conditions.

Look for a case with at least a GOOD QUALITY 250W+ power supply and even then minimize the number of power drawing items. An R9800P draws around 100W on it's own, then you need to add your CPU, HD, Optical Drive, etc.

The Monarch Computers Hornet(s) come with an Enermax 250W PSU, and would be one of the few pre-fab small boxes I would trust with a molex connecting card.

Likely your best bet if you are dead set on an SFF is an R9600PRO/XT. Which not only draws less power but generates less heat.

Of course that's just my two frames worth.

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