9800 pro, fast write, suggestions?


Feb 10, 2003
Here is my story: I have an All in Wonder 9800 Pro and I have been having some problems with it lately. It woks fine when I using Windows Xp but whenever I start a 3D game such as NBA 2004, Knights of the Old Republic etc. It will either crash and reboot or the video signal is lost and the monitor goes black. I had a 9700 pro before and i made lots of research about possible issues that might be causing this problem such as faulty memory or card, old drivers, etc etc. Here is my configuration:

Asus A7N8X deluxe, AMD 3000 XP, Samsung 256 MB x 2 RAM, AIW 9800 Pro, Audigy 2, Enermax 450W PSU, Plextor 708A DVD-RW, LG 52X CD-ROm, LG 48/24/48 CD-RW

I have Windows Xp-SP1 installed as my O/S and I have Cat 3.10 (since I read baaad things about 4.1), directx 9.0b, latest audigy drivers and the latest (2.45 I believe) Nforce2 drivers installed. The psu cable that I connect to vga card is only attached to harddisk as I read from some other forums. I did not overclocked my card ever so I use normal settings. I used memtest to check my rams before and they turned out to be fine. I can complete the 3dMark2001Se tests without a problem. My previous card (9700 pro) had heating and display corruption problems so I sold it but I check the heat with 9800 pro and it seems to be normal so I think a possible ram issue of the vga card is not causing what I experienced.

Now, recently I read in various places such as this forum (http://www.squeakfix.co.uk/) that radeon 9800 requires a 1.7 AGP voltage and therefore I increased the agp voltage from my bios settings. The problem continued until I disabled the fast writes and now things are ok. I know that fast-write does not boost the performance much but I am still curious about why would my system can not handle it since my motherboard supports it? If anyone can enlighten me I would be grateful.


Former Staff
It's a common issue with a lot of chipsets, I don't know why it works with some boards and not others.

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