9800 pro question


May 26, 2003
Ive noticed that the radeon 9800 pro use about 1.68 volts instead of the traditional 1.5 volts and was wondering if the bios is still set at 1.5 volts, would the card not work and will not post? Is that additional juice being supplimented by the external power connector? ATI has seemed to keep that info in the dark and was wondering why on some of my past cases that a 9800 pro was tested out and will not post. I know the the mobos can do more than 1.68 volts so would that 1.68 volts have to come from the AGP port totally?

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The signal voltage (1.5v for AGP4x) and the VPU core voltage are different things. I think the AGP slot provides 3.3v and 5v power inputs that have nothing to do with the data signal. Plus you have the 12v cable input on this particular card.

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