9800 pro vs doom 3


Jun 4, 2004
I'm buying the ATI RADEON 128mb 9800 pro card tommorow for $300, does anyone think this card will be able to smoothly run next gen games like Doom 3 and HalfLife 2?

Both games will run no problem on an R9800Pro, even the 128bit memory kind.

And yes, <font color=red>GO Flames Go</font color=red>!

Off to watch the game right now!

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Jun 5, 2003
Where the hell are you buying a 9800pro for $300. Is that Canadian? You can easily get one online for ~$200.


Sep 7, 2003
Everyone is speculating that Doom will run significantly faster on nVidia hardware, especially since their OpenGL performance is superior, but I don't think the 9800P will trail too far behind. All that matters is that you can run the game at decent res., with detail set to high, or even very high detail (although I've heard horrifying rumors about Doom's sys. requirements for "very high" detail settings), with some AA/AF, and still achieve consistent +30 FPS. HL2 runs very fast on the 9800P, although I'm not sure whether the benchmarks from last year involved AA/AF, but nonetheless it should be very smooth.


Jun 3, 2003
Oh yes the ATI hardware will trail Nvidia in Doom3 by a LOT!!

A. Nvidia totally rules at OpenGL
B. The f*cking game is optimized for Nvidia hardware.

And I still don't get this, stop thinking about futureproof cards!! There's no such thing!! JESUS F*CKING CHRIST PEOPLE!! You buy a card, if you can play today's games with 1280x1024 with a decent 4-8X AF, then great, be happy, and be prepared to upgrade in about a year.

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May 23, 2004
In the old set of cards the fx series and the 9xxx series I don't think there will be a huge difference, Nvidia will be in the lead a little bit. (shader's is where the fx line is lacking but with superior Ogl performance that should even out)

I'm hoping the Doom 3 engine was optimized since its alpha leak, it was horrific, I was getting 60 fps on my 5950 with it on low settings :/


May 30, 2004
not worth all that, scottie :p

I just ordered that HIS excalibur ice q platinum from new egg for $239 with free shipping. I can't see the 9800 pros going much lower than $200 from what I have noticed about previous trends (in my limited experience.) If they go much below $200 they would get into the 9600xp range which they have much better performance than. My assumption would be that they would start to be phased out before they got much lower.
I know those brand new cards look uber hot and all..but I think $200ish is more than enough to spend on a video card, at least for me. I wait for the prices and hype to drop down and pick up a deal anyway. Heck my old voodoo 3/3000 was just fine and dandy but since 3dfx went under there is no more direct x support for em.
That 9800pro will blow what I am using out of the water so hard it isn't going to even be funny. I bet if I went from that 9800 pro to the uber spiffy x800 though the actual noticable difference would be negligible. Certainly not worth another $300 imho. /shrugs

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Remember Carmack said 2 things of note (they may not be related anymore as this title has evolved 8000 times since then proabbly).

1) Carmack said that using the standard path the R9800 was faster than the FX5900series.

So only in the NV3X path did it lead.

2) Carmack has since said that the NV3X path has been dropped.

Which doesn't mean some tweaks haven't be added to help, but it's no longer a fast lane path for NV3X only.

Now this means nothing for the next gen cards, different story, the GF6800 is far different/ahead of the FX series, and should have a much better showing with no compromises.

However for the last generation of cards, expect the R9800 to do fine. And knowing that so many more people will have FXs than GF6xxxs ID likely made it still playable on the FXs, so all the top of the last generation should be just fine.

Also expect some additions from ATI under OGL2.0, but don't expect them to be miracles.

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