9800 XT for video capture?


Jan 31, 2003
How well does this card work compared to the ATI All-In-Wonder lines? I understand that it doesn't have a tuner (which IMO is BETTER). Does it enable users to capture high quality video (to be burned to DVD later?). How well would this card work to display my Xbox console games? Would I be better off getting a 9700 pro AIW or a 9800 XT?

I've got a Radeon All-In-Wonder card I bought years ago and it has been the best card I've ever owned. I don't use it for gaming though. I've got a TI4400 in another machine, but the display (especially text) looks awful compared to my ATI card.

Which maker are you talking about? ASUS?

If it's the ASUS, then it has an S-vide in which means it will capture 480i video with reasonable quality. The main thing will be your source, and wether i plays well with the XBOX input is hard to tell. I've heard of people having a little bit of trouble using their graphics cards as a pass-trhough for displaying concoles on their desktops. As long as there is no Macrovision type issues then you should be ok. But then again I've never tried THAT with my All-in-wonders or my R9000 (my R9600P doesn't have VIVO), best to get details from someone who's tried running their console through their computer. Check the TV/Video section maybe.

I know that's not much, but hope that helps a bit (better than no response I guess).

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