9800gt 512mb DDR2 vs 9600gt 512mb DDr3 ..which is better..


Sep 23, 2009
i am planning of purchasing a graphics card.Please help me...
9600gt 512MB DDR3 or 9800t 512mb DDR2..
WHich 1 should i buy??

My System Specification is
Core 2 Duo 2.3GHz
4gb Ram

Please respond as early as possible.....
maybe he found something like this:


but honestly i've never thought that 9800GT with GDDR3 exist before this guy mentioned it. i look around and i found one like above.

if you want 9800GT its better to go with one that has GDDR3 module. on the other side ati new card is already out so you might be able to get stronger ati card with cheaper price (48XX series) :)