9800GTX+ Issues..........


Aug 26, 2009
Hey everyone,

I built a rig a few months back that contains an XFX9800GTX+ card powered by a OCZ 600w StealthXtreme PSU. The rest of my build contains a Q6700, 4GB PC5300, 2x500gb 7200rpm HD's, 2x Optical Drives all on an Asus P5Q board. I don't do any overclocking. Well here is my issue. While playing Gears of War on 1920x1080, I experience wavy lines going up and down my screen. They seem like heat waves? They are more transparent than anything else. I used different connections to the monitor, hdmi, vga, dv-i and get the same result. Btw, my monitor is an Asus vh226h. Any idea of what it could be?