9800pro reboot issues! please help!


Mar 2, 2004
Ok here is my system first because I just upgraded chip and gfx card, used to have a 1600xp w/geforce fx5600xt
currently now:
Gigabyte ga-7vax
amd 2500xp barton :)
Micron 512MB PC2700 (2X256mb)
Ati HIS 9800PRO ICEQ 128mb
Audigy2 ZS Soundcard
Cdrom, cdrw, 40g hd, 80g hd, window fan, front light, back fan
Thermaltake Butterfly 480PSU with blower fan :)

Ok... now the issues...
My games work great, look fantastic except the fact that after a little while they will just reboot!! Once the screen went blank and it said "Out of range" HUH?
I have the Vid card power cable hooked directly from the PSU and from that it is hooked up to the 3 case fans and front light. I did not use the y adapter cable supplied because my nice PSU comes with 9 molex cables.
Ok, one other thing, in hardware monitor it tells me that my core is 1.7volts and my aux is 2.28... it is in red but it has been that way before with my nvidia card and ran stable. I updated the bios, because I had to to be able to use the 2500xp. I also uninstalled the nvidia drivers and used det destroyer and driver cleaner. I have not updated the cat drivers for the vid card, just used drivers it came with but surely that cant be the problem.
I dont understand this though... I hope this is not ruining my system but I dont think it is. I dont know how to check the heat on my ati card but the cooler that is hooked on to this thing is awesome! My hardware monitor tells me that my athlon runs cooler than my system. Pretty cool, but the athlon is 33regular and about 39full load... my cpu is about 35regular and 40load. SO.. my temp isnt hot at all. Please someone help! The graphics are awesome, computer is pretty fast except for loading windows, kind of slow... oh and I am using windows xp home editions with sp1.


Jan 20, 2004
OK, I'm assuming here that you have downloaded all the latest drivers, chipset, ATI drivers cat 4.3 being the newest and the latest BIOS for your system. I would have a look at your Vcore, you say it's running at 1.7volts and that seems a little high, try winding it back down. Your PSU should be capable of powering it all without any trouble but you never know. I would unplug all the devices that your not using, ie: disconnect your CD-RW, your CD-rom and your secondary HD and then run the games, if it works fine then you know it's your PSU, and if you hav'nt the cash to get another one at the moment then plug em back in one at a time in order of pref until it crashes again. To me it screams PSU, but the one you have is a gem, but, you never know.


chipset drivers
card drivers
wipe the Son Of a B@#$ and start agin.

Hope that helps,
please let me know how you went on.


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Mar 2, 2004
Im sure my power supply is fine. It is 480watts that actually maxes at 550. It has gotten tons of top reviews as well. I found out that my vcore saying 1.7 is normal for how my motherboard reads it, went to mobo website. Many people have had this problem and some of them upped the AGP voltage to 1.6... I might try that. Couldnt hurt much I guess. It is just a shame that I have to go through all of this for a vid card to work right.


Oct 1, 2003
You wrote that your'e using the drivers off the vid card cd. They are likley old, get the new cat 4.3. Yes, they can make a diff. New ones are put out to fix problems on old ones.

Good Luck

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Mar 10, 2004
Did you just uninstalled the old FX card and then installed the new card and the ATI drivers without removing FX drivers...? FX drivers could be the problem... They could be causing conflict with the ATI drivers... Some other people had the same problems... They used a driver cleaner utility they found on the net to properly erase FX drivers. Unfortunately, I dont relly have any links to give you... You should search on the net or make a fresh install of windows.