9800se = 128bit mem bus?


Dec 18, 2003
Hey, I looked on ATI's website, and that 9800 (non-pro) looks pretty good to me (with a $144 price tag). Seems to only be under the Pro verion just by a little bit.

Anyways, on the ATI site, they say the memory bus is 256-bit, but I've seen around on the net that the 9800 non-pro (often it says 9800se) is only 128-bit.

So which is it? Are the 9800se actually 256-bit, or 128-bit?


Former Staff
The 9800SE is NOT the 9800 non-pro, even though some venders will try to deceive you. The 9800 non-pro has 8 rendering pipelines and a 256-bit memory bus, the 9800SE has 4 rendering pipelines and a 128-bit memory bus.

So basically the 9800 non-pro is twice as powerfull as the 9800SE.

The 9800SE is simply a 9500 non-pro with a slightly revised chip.

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