Question 99% CPU Usage, and bad FPS on new titles

Apr 11, 2020
Hi, I built my pc a few years ago, spending a decent amount at the time, not for anything hardcore, my goal is to get 60FPS 1080p gaming on any game I play without issues.

Now I upgraded all of my parts to a slightly above budget build, like an around 1000$ gaming build for optimal performance.

Now this was 3 years ago, I guess times have changed because I just recently bought Red Dead 2 and I can't get anything above 45FPS with drops to 30, as well as res evil 2 and a few other new AAA Title games.

Now some titles I have no issues running, like Doom Eternal on MAX settings, but when I play red dead 2 for exampple, my cpu usage is at 100% the whole entire time which leads me to believe that for some reason my cpu is bottlenecking my GPU? I don't understand because it's only recently starting doing this, this cpu was highly recommended with this GPU so I don't understand the 100% usage but I think might be time to upgrade my CPU and GPU.

Any recommendations, solutions or ideas of what I should do to get my PC back to 60FPS gaming on 1080p, please let me know, appreciate it.

My specs:

Cosair CX650M

1060 6GB MSI Twin Frozr

8GB Corsair Vengeance 3200Mhz DDR4

Intel Core i5 6600K @ 3.50GHz (average) 31 °C
Skylake 14nm Technology

ASUS PRIME Gaming Z270-A (LGA1151)

Hard drives :

2TB Seagate - ST2000DM006-2DM164 (SATA )
232GB Samsung - SSD 850 EVO 250GB (SATA (SSD))

Operating :) Windows 10 Home 64-bit