Question 9900k - Bad Overclocking? - Needs Help

Aug 24, 2019
I am new to this forum and I posted this on the wrong thread (CPU) earlier. I am sorry for the misunderstanding. If a moderator se my old post, feel free to delete it.

Hello people, I need som serious help. I have overclocked my cpu a little and lowered the voltage. Voltage beeing to high for my taste out of the box. Aorus Master mobo, 9900k cpu and Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz 32GB is what I got. I am a bit scared that the settings I have applied may not be very healthy for both the mobo and the cpu in the long run. Reason being that the voltage fluctuates a lot plus changing loadline, current protection and current limit doesn't feel very safe thinking back at it. I did this overclock after reading on forums and watching youtube videos. Below is what I have changed in the bios:

Bios version F7
Enhanced Multi-Core Performance: Disabled
CPU Clock Ratio: 48
Core Current Limit (Amps): 255
C3 State Support: Disabled
C6/C7 State Support: Disabled
C8 State Support: Disabled
C10 State Support: Disabled
CPU Vcore Loadline Calibration: Turbo
CPU Vcore Current Protection: Turbo
CPU Vcore: 1.140 V.

Important facts: First I changed Vcore to 1.115, but for some strange reason Aida 64 got red and told me that the thermals throttled and a hardware failure had occur, if I remember right. But the temps where never above 60c. Why is that, have I broke something badly? I upped the voltage to 1.12 and 1.13 and got a bluescreen on both in Aida 64. I upped the voltage to 1.14 and tested in Aida 64 for more than 30 min. No problem occured, but i didn't want to test it longer because I wasn't that sure that my settings in the bios was very god to begin with. At 1.14 V. the highest core never went above 72c in Aida 64. But now comes the strange part. Vcore voltage goes up to 1.174 in Aida 64 under stress test. When playing Shadow Warrior 2 for 2 hours voltage goes up to 1.188. In idle voltage sits between 1.152 and 1.164. The last readings are from CPUID HWMonitor. All this even though I have set the voltage to 1.14 in bios. I know that voltage fluctuates a bit. But this voltage fluctuates a lot.

Have I taken water over my head and done a very bad overclocking that pushes mobo or cpu to hard or in the wrong way. What should I do to fix it? Does it need to be fixed? This system means a lot to me and I don't want to break it by mistake. I probably should have wait but when asking about cpu voltage on forums I never got any answers. I am very sorry for this post being all to long but I could not describe it in any other way. I heard from my brother that all pc-pros are on this forum so that is why I write here, hoping for some help.

Ps. When using XMP memory voltage sets to 1.380 by default. So at the moment I use them in stock (2133 1.2 v).

Best Regards
Rengal Stevens