Question 9900K Cooling


Dec 18, 2011
Im changing my O11 dynamic to Phanteks P500A. Now im cooling my Intel 9900k with Gamerstorm Castle 360. Its ugly and too huge. And im done with excessive rgb. I was thinking, P500A has 3 140mm fans in front. Can i take 2 of them out, and leave the bottom one. For 280 aio? Or go for the Noctua D-15s/D-15? I was planning to change my 2080Ti at some point. I was looking to get the next graphics card watercooled. I want reasonably quiet pc, since im going to put it on to my desk. Not going to oc the 9900K, just use turbo.


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Not going to oc the 9900K, just use turbo.
For 'stock' operation of a 9900K in a case with decent airflow, even a middle of the road air cooler would suffice. D15/D15S are fantastic, of course.... but they're huge and it's not for everyone.

I was looking to get the next graphics card watercooled
I'd probably consider an air cooler for now, and if/when you watercool your next GPU, you could incorporate the CPU into that loop ? Assuming you meant a custom loop and not just strapping an AIO to the GPU, of course.


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Liquid cooling is silent or quiet - somewhat of a misnomer.

AIOs can be quite noisy due to fans used, but this ultimately depends on which AIOs and which models. Most AIOs are made by 1 or 2 OEMs with the fans and RGB lighting added last minute but the company with the name on the box.

Custom watercooling can be quiet, depending on how it is built, but also can be noisy for the same reasons.

In short - liquid cooling being low-noise isn't 100% accurate and just like everything else, 'it depends'....