[SOLVED] 9900k idle core frequencies high?

Feb 9, 2019
Hey all,

I'm testing overclocking my new build:

Gigabyte Z390 Gaming M
9900k (+ Kraken M22 cooler)
32GB Ram 3000

Right now I've set it to 5Ghz clock ratio / Vcore to 1.325 / LLC Turbo / AVX 0 (I read somewhere that BIOS is faulty and should be set to 0 until updated)

When I run HWinfo I get this while idle in Windows 10:


Is it normal for the cores to be running at 5Ghz while idle in Windows?

Thanks for helping!
I'd wait for a new BIOS to come out then. Gigabyte has a history of weird issues with their motherboards.

Gigabyte makes great motherboards from a purely hardware perspective, but when it comes to their UEFI, it is one of their biggest weakpoints.


Apr 28, 2018
I have the same thing with my i5-4670k:


I think the system can't control the frequency since turbo boost is disabled and we have overclocked our cpus

Also, there is an option in bios that allows to control voltage and clocks (CPU Ratio Mode). I believe I have it enabled (Dynamic), but it works at 4200 anyway. Try to check the option in your bios.
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Feb 9, 2019
Btw, check Advanced Settings in Power Options

If it's 100% in Minimum, then this is the reason. I just tried it and now I have variable clocks.

I think this might be it! I have tried enabling the C states but problem still persisted. Going to try this now.

BTW, what min. should I choose? 0? 10? 50?

Thank you!
Feb 9, 2019
Make sure C states are enabled and make sure you are not using manual voltage. Make sure you are on offset or (the best) adaptive voltage.

Typically manual voltage won't control CPU clock behavior, but I think on some motherboards it does.

Thank you. Sadly, tried all of those plus other combinations. Still frequencies show up as 4.9 while idle... Even reset defaults in BIOS and changed only the clocks, xmp and enabled c states. Same thing. :(