990FXA-gd80 shows LED error 79 during POST


Aug 24, 2011
Greetings all, I'm new here and new to hardware (mostly) so bear with me if you can :). I built my first machine (following) about a month ago...

AMd Phenom II x3 2.8Ghz 720 Black Ed. ('auto'OCed to 3.29Ghz.)
cooling=COOLER MASTER GeminII 120mm (sweet look; has a 'hot-rod' feel & look)
MSI 990FXA-GD80, NB=990FX, SB=SB950
Corsair 2x4GB RAM, dual channel (1600 Mhz)
GPU - HIS Radeon HD6790, 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 (running 32" HDTV)
PS- Rosewill Xtreme Series RX750 (750W)
Case- Rosewill Cruiser ATX mid (beauty imo)

I had all kinds of trouble with initial POST and windows 7 install. I had to completely bench it to POST, intall windows, drivers etc. and then put it back together. In the beginning it hung during POST often; some LED codes I remember were 4F, 62, 68, 69, 78?, and lately the dreaded 79.

BIOS; I think many of my initial problems may have been my own but I am starting to suspct horrible horrible BIOS played a part & still does. I never flashed bios on any machine ever before I built this one. I have flashed bios 3 times now on this machine & it scares the crap out of me every time. I know have BIOS V11.4B1 and I can't even read it or use it (gui malfunctioning).

Most of the time when I restart my machine it does fine, sometimes hangs on LED error 79 during post. Most of the time when I power it up from off it hangs on 79 during post. My info shows that LED error code 79 is "CSM initialization" and I can't even figure out what that means.

Other factors that may play a part - I have been playing with OC genie button, MSI control center and other things to try and tweak my machine. I am thinking either this or BIOS is the reason for my troubles. I want to try and solve the error 79 thing but I am new at this so any criticism/ advice regarding my machine in general is appreciated. CPU sux so bad because I am playing around waitin for bulldozer 8150. Thanks in advance for any advice.