._ File Deletion


Jul 12, 2011
So I've been through what seems like hours of research on various forums for this topic all with good information but none which is helping my particular situation. Years ago I moved info over from my Mac to PC. In the processes tons of ' ._ ' files where created in hundreds of folders. I've also apparently done backups of said folders over time and now there are duplications in hundreds more folders. I can do a search on my hard drive and see all the files (I have show hidden files on) but can't delete them when I attempt to do so I get the following message,

'Could not find this item
This is no longer located in \Insert file path or name here\ . Verify the item's location and try again.

I also get the following message in other cases but can't explain the parameters that causes this message to appear,

'The \Insert file path or name here\ does not exist. The file may have been moved or deleted.
Do you want to create it?

If I try to delete them individually I can but this will take forever and a day, and in most cases I get the first message as above so I'm searching through folders wasting my time because nothing is actually being deleted. Does anyone know of a program that will allow me to:

(A: Use a set of search criteria to find these files from multiple folders across multiple drives
(B: Delete them
(C: Force delete them with the capabilities File Assassin has

Thank you in advance for your assistance


Jan 21, 2011
You have several options the first would be group all of the files together(Same folder if possible) Boot into the recovery console and delete through the command line.

You could try using a program called scdisk info, this is just an advanced HDD utility. Willl help you track down files and see where resources are being spent. Im not sure about its ability to delete files though.....

Or download ubuntu and use the "Try ubuntu before installing" feature to load ubuntu off the disk. You can then manipulate the files through Linux.