A 2nd question from a ram illiterate

The Original Ralph

my present rig, described in my signature below, has 64 GB of ram.

I do a lot of video rendering, and i originally built the rig with 32 gb of ram. A friend / client (retired microsoft engineer) suggested i add 32 GB of ram and bring it up to 64 GB. But to be frank, i've never seen any benefit, any increase in rendering speed or reduction in rendering times (most files take 45 - 110 minutes to render, depending on the video file format. It didn't matter if i set the program to render using the GPU or the software, memory usage just wasn't that great (6-9%)

I'm getting ready to upgrade to an i9-9900K rig (when they finally ship), and am wondering, is there any benefit to running 64 GB of ram. I'm hoping to do without the GPU and use the native or integral graphics on the 9900K. 64 GB of the new DDR4 is about $1150, which ain't cheap


Doctor Rob

Jul 21, 2008
like others have stated.. don't waste the money.. get 32GB max just get ram that the system can use with a fast Mhz and low CasL (like 3200Mhz CL14 ram) so you can get a little faster rendering and as long as you don't need RGB lights on it you can save a bit of money too.

(I am not sure what the new i9 cpu supports though for speeds oh and if you mostly do video rendering you might also checkout the threadripper cpu as you may be able to get more bang for the buck for video rendering... though not sure as the real benchmarks are not out for the i9 from what I have seen..)


Jul 1, 2018

RAM speed isn't really a worthwhile investment on Intel chips.

The Original Ralph


appreciate the suggestion, but after doing some reading on the AMD boards, i'm not eager to learn all the issues with AMD. 32GB of G.skill ram, 3600 MHz that is on the memory QVL and uses the samsung B-die (recommended by someone else on this forum) is about $461 (on amazon minus a 5% discount for using their credit card), so i'm going to go with it. Price wise it's manageable and with what i should be able to pull out of the CPU, Ram and mobo, i'll come close to retrieving about half of what this upgrade is going to cost. And i'm only going with the 3600 Mhz ram as that the lowest that uses the samsung B-die