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Question a bad situation

Jun 1, 2020
So, I live in Israel, with very low salary. we have very high prices for the computers here.
I tried to buy from newegg but they returned the shipment.
I found a shop, and bought from it the component I wanted. everything was fine but the psu they recommended was antec atom 550. I stupidly bought it.couldnt found any good review on it so I figured we probably need to exchange. in store they have cougar stx 750w (with abit extra money)and enermax max pro 2 500w
(which both are an 80+ not bronze or anything,) I know it is not good but how bad is it for my pc? can it damage it? he claims that he builds a lot of computer and that they are good enough. My main concern is damaging my parts. I dont care about: how it looks, how it sounds. stuff like that. I want a psu that wont damage my computer and will work well enough.
As I said. I dont have alot of money or options. I've seen so far tons of posts how I shouldn't cheap up on psu but I really dont know what to do. should I put another 100 dollar just for a good psu?
I can also order psu but it will take time and I already started my build.(thought of crosair cx750 that they can order for me)
my build is:
mobo: gigabye b450m gaming
cpu:ryzen 5 3600 with zalman cnps9x air cooler
gpu: gigabyte gtx 1660 super
16 gb ram
500 gb ssd
2 tb hdd
thanks alot!!!
Jun 1, 2020
I've read this,but it doesn't answer my question. Perhaps I wasn't clear.. I meant to say, can I compromise on this? look I am in atight spot. First, I'm only relying on the internet and the guy at store(who have interest to sell me stuff) to build my build. I don't know anyone who knows about computers. I basicaly only have you guys.I took a lot of effort and alot of time, and every time I'm trying to do something its either not around, cant deliver to my country or cost way above my bar.
It's driving me insane. I thought I ended it already after more than a month, and soon as I'm starting to build I find out about the psu.
stuff takes litterally weeks to get to where I'm from.
Look, what I 'm trying to say is, don't go around and tell ne the best psu out there, I dont have the money, and its all out of stock or doesnt ship to my country.
I'm asking. can those stuff damage my component? some of them had some good reviews. If they dont damaging my component I'll buy them, basically because I believe to the guy.
Please while reading this and giving some of your very apreciated advice consider the fact that I'm broke and not live in america.
thanks alot to anyone wholl answer,I just recently had a surgery an am now confined to bed. you guys seriously are my only source of information for question. as sson as I'll have answers I 'll speak to the seller an d buy it. thx alot again!


Oct 4, 2012
can I compromise on this?
you do not want to go "cheap".
it doesn't answer my question
That sounds like a pretty direct answer to me.

You're basically just looking for someone to say 'it will be alright to skimp, chief'. You could do that, but you'll either pay higher prices in electricity (higher than the difference between a higher quality, more efficient unit, over time), or it may fail prematurely and take other components with it.

It will likely work okay for a while, although a lot of low end units introduce weird instability problems and similar. Up to you if the risk is worth the reward.
Jun 1, 2020
First thx alot for the help. You guys are awesome!
Second do you have any recommendation for a not-cheap but not budget killer psu for me? Like does the corsair cx(750) can handle what I've got? is there something good and reliable which isnt the best?
I'm getting that I should get agood one, I simply asking if any of you can recommend something that can handle my build(Like, I've got gtx1660 super and gigabyte b450m gaming. It's not exactly high end out there. if not tell me and I'll manage it some how...)