A Better Way to Cool With Air.


Apr 29, 2009
So I was walking around the local hardware surplus store this past week and came across an idea I couldn't pass up. I came across a an industrial blower fan, and the best part was it was cheap . . . only $20


I got this home only to realize that it required a 3 phase 240V power, not to be discouraged by America's lack of 240V power, except maybe the dryer outlet . . . But I like my dryer where it is, so it was back to the store to pick up a transformer! Long story short I neglected checking the KVA output, only focusing that it converted the proper voltages, this led to it outputting only half the ampsvolts needed (only .1KVA), and after a short while running it overheated and melted, made a nasty smell about the apartment in the process. Back to the store again, this time I checked all the power requirements, not wanting a repeat of the previous transformer I made sure the new one would be able to supply 2 times the required power, .5KVA!
Drop this new transformer into an old case a friend just gives you, slap on the twin turbine, and you have yourself a case blowing enough air through it to inflate a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!




Dec 24, 2008
Can you please put a system in that thing and overclock it and post some screenshots of your results? I want to see what 10,000CFM moving through a PC case can do for temperatures lol.