Jan 25, 2010
I have a MK6032CSX Toshiba and 2GB Ram, With Xp sp3. Often, a Blue screen appears and says that has to reboot or something like that. But today, it recommended to do a memory test activity and all was ok, except for something called Hard Drive-DST Short Test, it failed.
What Can I do?


Jun 1, 2007


Basically your hard disk is failing with CRC redundancy errors.

you need to replace the hard disk..

Do not run the toshiba recovery procedure as this will hinder any chance of recovering your data.

Your Toshiba is either a Satellite, a Satelite Pro etc, i need the real model number from under the machine.

you will either have a 2.5 inch IDE or a SATA Drive... Any new replacement drive will do, but the bigger it is the better the value

you will need quite a small philips screwdriver to remove the cover covering the hard disk ( this will have a picture of a little hard disk on it ) and then remove the hard disk from the machine in a cradle - this cradle will hold the hard disk with 4 small screws.

once the new hard disk is inplace you will need to reload the operating system.

get some disks ( hopefully you have got a set of recovery disks, failing that you can get them from toshiba , failing that a computer shop will have them )

once you have your machine up and running the drivers will need to be installed.

get an external hard disk caddy for the drive that you have - 2.5 inch ide are different to desktop pcs but sata hard disks are the same connector lay out ) - make sure its a usb one

then plug in the unit to a working machine to get back your data, if this fails then you will need some file recovery software

google for some