Jun 11, 2012
doing a cp build - using all " old parts " from old cp's . cannot seem to power up.
everything is connectd - including power cord and etc to board and h/d . green light is on the board, so it is getting power. trying to hit the power button on " new " case , and no go. heres the specs.... ASUS mom board : a7s333 plus the built in chip that came with. AMD like 5600 or the like. power supply is good - and functioning - green light. CORD from power supply to board IS connected. H/D connected and NOT spinning , power is good to unit - A NEW H/D . no fans are spinning either. sooooooo , help a dummy out this morning , and point me in the right direction . Im thinking a power problem , something is not getting power. thnks . .. . Glfrdude1