Question A corner of the monitor screen is dimmed ?

Aug 10, 2022
I have a problem with my second monitor (BENQ Senseye 3). About a week ago I noticed a slight flickering, and now the bottom left corner is dimmed. I have noticed that when I unplug the monitor and leave it without electricity for a time (e.g. a day), the next day it works fine for some time until it dimms again.
I took a photo because the screenshot doesn't capture the dim. My primary monitor works fine. Any idea what is the cause?

Now, I know that the monitor is probably dying of old age (I had it for about 10 years). But I was wondering if there was a way to fix it and how complicated the problem is because it is actually memorabilia from a dear friend of mine.

Kind regards

Is there any way to fix it or is it too much trouble?
Given the age, uncertain availability of spare parts (board, LED...) for desktop screens and the repair fees, I'd say just keep it as is for the souvenir of your friend (it can be a temporary backup screen when you need it). It's not worth repairing such electronic good.
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