Question A couple of questions about a new monitor. 10bit, or is 8bit + FRC fine, etc ?


Apr 8, 2003
Hi I'm trying to decide on a new monitor, which I'll be using for work (photography) and entertainment. I'd say my top 3, all of them important qualities are, color accuracy or same after calibration, good contrast, and good screen uniformity.

First, I would love to get a really nice Eizo, but that isn't happening in this economy.

Price range: $2-2.5Kish Canadian.

Need a zero flicker display, so no PWM.

Also, I'm using an i1Display Pro calibrator.

Some of my questions are, true 10bit vs 8bit + FRC. Thoughts?

If I go ultra-wide for the extra space it would almost definitely be a resolution height of 1440p. One of my concerns is that very few companies that make good monitors (Eizo, NEC who else?) have a large selection of ultra-wide angle monitors, and they're curved.

Which leads me to my next question. Curved. It scares me. lol I do a lot of landscape, and the idea of a curved monitor makes me nervous. I'm not sure if it would mess with me trying to level the horizon on a curved panel.

4K vs 2K (1440p)? I've seen a 4K at 32" and at 100% Windows DPI, I would have needed 20/10 vision. At 1440p, a 27" seems perfect at 100% DPI, and DPI scaling issues are a PITA, but I've heard 27" 4K monitors are amazing due to the size of the pixels. /shrug

Are VA panels within a DE (once calibrated) that would be unnoticeable these days, or is IPS still better enough to see the difference? I'd be going wide gamut.

Hardware calibration is awesome for some things, but as long as it has lots of OSD options, I should be OK. I generally use DisplayCal anyways. That's partly why I want good uniformity out of the box.


Let me know if you want some other details.