A CRT or LCD, that is the question?


Jun 19, 2002
Hey all, I am in the market for a new monitor since my 15" crt is annoying and gives me headaches. I want a monitor good for all purposes from text to fps gaming, and i dont know if i should buy a 19" CRT (Sony G420s) or an 17-18" LCD monitor. Dunno if i should buy a CRT now or wait for LCD's with FFD. So i have a few quastions for all of u informative individuals.
1) When is FFD coming out, and how low is the response time going to be? are theses palens going to be insanely expensive?
2)I am going to be doing some programing, are LCD screens much easier on the eyes (eye strain)?
3)Finally, do LCD panels offer nice graphics compared to CRT?
Thanks a bunch...


Jun 26, 2001
1) There are many speculations as to when FFD will come out, but I believe it'll be out by the end of this year/ beginning of next. It is not the black to white response times that will be lowered, but rather the grey response times that are lowered significatly. <A HREF="http://www.extremetech.com/print_article/0,3428,a=15016,00.asp" target="_new">Read a bit about FFD here</A>. It won't be more expensive (well at first it will be as is all tech when it comes out) because the only thing different is the controllers chip.
2)It really depends on what you prefer, but the majority of people agree that an LCD is a lot less strenuous on the eyes, and for programming it'll be sweet. The thing is, you must acalirate it so it's soothing to your eyes, cause @ 250 cd/m^2 brightness, you'll be seeing spots after a few mins, but if properly adjusted, it'll put less strain on the eyes.
3) Once again, this is a calibration issue, I can set my LCD so that it looks better than my CRT (using the CRT as a refererence point as to what good image quality is), but if you buy a cheap LCD, it'll look bad. Look at the lcd you want to buy first, because specs end up meaning nothing in some cases.

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