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[SOLVED] A Diagnostic Question About An Old HDD

Jul 5, 2020

I have here a 9 years old HGST hard drive. It was salvaged last year along with other parts to make this computer that I'm currently using.
As for its purpose, as you can see it has both C and D in it. Mainly being used with an average of 12-16hrs a day from playing online games, storing data, file and media synced to multiple cloud storages, Photoshop, VEGAS Pro and other general uses. I know it is pitiful for an old lady to handle such things. She used to be just for cold storage but another old drive of mine just stopped working and can't be detected in BIOS several months ago so now she handles all of the stuff on her own.

I didn't notice anything weird until last month when she started ticking then after a few seconds the whole system restarted on its own and the screen indicating that I have no bootable disk inserted. I let it rest for an hour then I disassemble the computer cleaned it, put it back together and everything started fine. I didn't notice any lost of data but every time it would repair itself it would reset some variables in the Document folder, clear my browser saved logins, game and software setting. But other than that the files in the Download folder, the games, media and other files located in D are all intact, the folders synced through cloud also does not report of any missing files from the physical drive. It would also corrupt some of my drivers and always disable Windows Security by somewhat being able to remove Windows Defender, which I can always solve by just updating Windows itself.

With all of these I started monitoring my whole system with some software. Everything appears good and healthy until the room temperature rises during noon till early afternoon. I noticed that the ticking sound that the drive makes would always reproduce itself almost every time when the drive reaches 42°C and above. The health status on CrystalDisk would still say Good but then a few moments later it would just restart itself and say that no bootable disk is inserted or that it would initiate repairs on C. It is one of the only things in my computer to reach that temperature other than the GPU which is somewhere around 50-60°C. While my CPU would be at around 23-36°C most of the time, the only thing that I can't check the temperature is the 700W PSU.

For me my main bet is that my HDD is dying, or that my PSU under high temperature losses power. I have here the CrystalDisk values of the HDD. I can convert the raw values to decimal but I have no particular knowledge if they bode well or not so I would implore help from all of you.

Thank you very much!

Jul 5, 2020
Simple way to see if it's the drive, remove it from the system and see if it does the same thing.

What are the full system specs including power supply brand and model?
Thank you! I didn't thought of that solution since I have no spare computer here to test the drive. I'm planning to just order a new computer and give this old girl to my mum. Then maybe I can test the drive with the new one.

As for the remaining specs;
Generic PSU, TrendSonic 700W
Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-S1
AMD A8 Radeon 7 3.1GHz
Dual 4GB Kingston 1333MHz DDR3
Asus PH-GTX1050 2G
Windows 10 Pro 2004