Question A Failure may be imminent m.2 boot not showing


Nov 27, 2019

The photo thing wasn’t working so I’m just gonna paste that there
Anyways everything was working fine yesterday and today I wake up and my pc is displaying something that says restart and select boot device or something like that so I restart and get to the screen attached above. Only my two hard drives are showing and not my m.2 nvme which has my windows 10 installed in it. When I go into my bios and go to boot one of the alternate boot options shows my nvme but when I click it it just puts me back to the restart device and select boot drive. I can kinda tell it’s a bad drive so if there’s nothing I can do to recover the data how would I go about everything? Should I remove the nvme and install windows on one of the other hard drives does it work like that? Or is there a way I can copy the data of nvme without being able to get past boot?