A fairly weak laptop with an ssd or a less weak laptop and no ssd?


Dec 6, 2011
So I want to get myself a laptop, and since all I will be doing with it is browsing the internet and absolutely no gaming whatsoever I am wondering which route I should go. My budget is only going to be about $350 so my options are very limited and the options I have are weak, which is why I am thinking about spending $300 or so on the laptop and $50 on a 32gb ssd for the operating system, and since all new laptops will likely have windows 8 it would still have maybe 5-10 gigs left over after storing the operating system on there.

These laptops are in no way the two that I am looking at, but its just to give an idea of what I mean here.

Here is a laptop for $250:

Here is a laptop for $350

So would I get an overall faster experience with that $250 laptop after I install an SSD or do you think it would be a better idea to go with the $350 laptop and not get an ssd? Again, these aren't the laptops I am looking at; it's just an example.

If you do have any laptops you recommend for my price range, please do link me. Also link an ssd you think is great and will fit within that price range. Thanks, if you can help!