Question A few build recommendations needed


Dec 18, 2011
I received great recommendations from here years ago when I had questions about my very first computer build. Now it is finally time to do some upgrading and I hope I can get a few questions answered by the experts here.

The system will have 3 main functions. Gaming, VR(gaming as well I suppose, probably going with the Vive Pro), and some 3D rendering.

The components I plan to take from my old system to my new one.
An Nvidia GTX-900 Titan X Maxwell architecture (I plan on this being my only GPU for now, seems like it should do VR well enough).
A 128gb SSD (older Crucial m4) that I plan on using for my OS,
a 500gb Samsung 850 EXO SSD drive for games and programs,
a SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 ST1000DM005/HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb 1 TB HDD for vids, pics and documents.
My case and power supply which I've listed below to confirm that they will work ok for the upgrades I want to do.

1. I have an older case that I am fine with keeping as long as it won't have issues with a new motherboard. It's the COOLER MASTER HAF 922 BLUE RC-922M-KWN2-GP Black ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with Side window and I assume that as long as the new MB is ATX format it will work ok but I'd like to confirm.

2. I have a corsair HX850W professional series PSU, shouldn't have issues with this powering my system unless I go crazy with additional GPU's, correct?

3. Since it will be mainly focused for gaming I am considering either the i9 9900 or the 9700. Is there enough difference in performance for the cost increase? I'm not a huge push the envelope of performance player, but I do want to make sure that VR is smooth. I prefer air cooling and I would only do light overclocking, if at all.

4. Which motherboard is recommended for either of these CPU's? Hopefully one that has the necessary USB ports included onboard for Vive Pro VR.

5. Good memory for the system? I'll put in 32gb for those times that I am rendering something and it won't fit on the Titan X.

Any issues with my current upgrade plan? Any recommendations or ideas greatly appreciated!